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10 Avengers Who Broke The Team's Rules The Most

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  • Posted on 03rd Oct, 2022 00:31 AM

Though the Avengers are Earth's Mightiest Heroes, some members have broken the team's rules several times in Marvel comics.

The Avengers are Earth's Mightiest Heroes, sworn to protect the planet from the worst things imaginable. The team has always been held to a higher standard than other teams, and that makes sense. They're the best of the best and everyone looks up to them. Since they're in the spotlight more than any other team, the Avengers have strict rules and must do everything they can to make superheroes look good to the public.

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Of course, that doesn't mean Avengers haven't broken the rules. Some members of the team have habitually broken the rules, which has caused a lot of problems for the team over the years.


10/10 The Dark Avengers Existed To Break All The Rules Of The Team

Scarlet Witch found redemption with the Avengers, like her brother, but she also had more problems than Quicksilver did. Scarlet Witch's powers and her descent into villainy led to her fighting the team several times. She ended up killing several members, which led to her and Quicksilver creating the House of M reality when the Avengers and X-Men were making plans to deal with her.

Scarlet Witch depowered the mutant race at the end of that affair, although she did resurrect Hawkeye. Since then, she's had few problems with the team, although she did play a role in the Apocalypse Twins' plot mostly against her will.

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