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10 Best Anime Directors Of All Time, Ranked

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  • Posted on 07th Oct, 2022 11:31 AM

These anime directors put in plenty of time and effort to create shows and movies that audiences love.

Anime directors are the face of an anime's production. While it is incorrect and disingenuous to only credit the director when talking about the greatness of a show, it is undeniable that they play a big part in its creation. They lead the creative vision of the show. Ultimately, they decide what the storyboard will be, the overall pace of the show, and the final version during editing. Their impact on an anime is incredible.

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There are some directors that really standout among their peers. Their signature is so strong that it propels the narrative of an auteur director. It would be impossible to separate them from the amazing works they have made. For the strengths of their direction and the overall quality of the anime they produce, they are remembered as some of the greatest of all time.


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Hayao Miyazaki is the most well-known and beloved director in the medium. His works are synonymous with anime film. Fans grow up watching movies like Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle, and My Neighbor Totoro.

His films showcase strong anti-war themes, champions the majesty of nature, and children at important junctures in their lives. His aesthetic is incredibly crisp, detailed, and fluid. Even his run sequences are distinctly Miyazaki. When fans think of all-time greats, Miyazaki is always up for consideration as the best among the best.

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