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10 Best Autobiographical Moments In Grant Morrison Comics

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  • Posted on 06th Oct, 2022 19:31 PM

Grant Morrison has spent their career brilliantly weaving their real life into the fantastical stories of superheroes. These moments stand out.

Writer Grant Morrison recently launched their first prose novel Luda, creating the perfect excuse to celebrate the comics superstar's preexisting body of work. From the onset, Morrison carved out a niche for themselves by tearing down the barriers between the worlds of fiction and our own.

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If one thematic through line could be singled out of Morrison's oeuvre, it is an examination of how narrative shapes "reality" and vice versa. In service of this theme, their comics frequently feature moments that have been directly culled from Morrison's own life, or rather their own narrative. These moments range from the deeply personal, to the widely relatable and wildly improbable.


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Morrison's journey to South Asia in search of enlightenment is easily their most iconic anecdote. While in Kathmandu, having successfully recreated the steps of Gautama Buddha, Morrison took "only a very small" dose of hash. Naturally, the Scotsman was subsequently visited by fifth-dimensional entities who imparted wisdom so complex it would take the rest of their career to explain.

The silver globules that Morrison encountered during this epiphany appeared sporadically in The Invisibles, as did the higher dimension that Morrison was transported to. The writer also met beings composed of pure light who readers may recognize from All-Star Superman. The aliens' agenda was simple, they wanted their message spread to the world, and Morrison was to be their prophet.

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