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10 Best Dads In Nickelodeon Shows, Ranked

10 Best Dads In Nickelodeon Shows, Ranked Image
  • Posted on 18th Sep, 2022 10:32 AM

Nickelodeon shows feature a wide variety of characters, but some of the best are fatherly figures.

Nickelodeon has released a lot of incredible cartoons over the years with iconic characters and relatable stories. Many Nickelodeon shows feature beloved father figures who other characters idolize. Series like Hey Arnold! and Danny Phantom are responsible for creating iconic, hilarious, and relatable dads.

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Many fathers in Nickelodeon shows have emotional storylines that demonstrate their love for their children. These great dads aren't always biologically related to their kids, but their found families are still full of love. The best Nickelodeon dads may not be perfect, though they still try their best to be awesome father figures and take care of their children.


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Viewers got to see the sad backstory about Mr. Hyunh and his long-lost daughter Mai in Hey Arnold!. During the Vietnam War, Mr. Hyunh gave away his daughter to give her a better life in America. It was a massive act of fatherly love, but it also caused him a lot of grief because it meant his daughter would grow up without him.

After Mr. Hyunh emigrated to the United States, he searched for her for a long time. He grew increasingly upset as it seemed he'd never find her. Fortunately, Helga G. Pataki helped reunite him with his daughter Mai, creating one of the most heartwarming episodes of Hey Arnold!. Mr. Hyunh sacrificed a lot for his daughter, but since her life got better because of it, he doesn't regret it one bit. This cemented Mr. Hyunh as the best Nickelodeon dad.

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