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10 Best DC Villains Other Villains Look Up To

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  • Posted on 07th Oct, 2022 16:31 PM

All the criminals in the DC universe admire certain A-list villains thanks to their numerous achievements and victories over DC's heroes.

The villains of DC Comics are a contentious lot at times. While they can and do team up quite often in groups like the Injustice Gang or Legion of Doom, villains aren't really known for being extremely respectful of one another. However, that doesn't mean that some villains aren't looked up to by their peers. Villains have role models just like anyone does, and there are some DC villains who have become the kind of villains that others look to for inspiration.

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These villains are the cream of the crop, able to do things that other foes only wish they could, like defeating their rivals, killing the most powerful heroes, or establishing world dominance. Villains may never admit to having role models, but certain DC villains almost deserve the respect thanks to their villainous achievements.


10/10 Doomsday Killed Superman

Lex Luthor has it all. He's fiendishly intelligent, runs a powerful multinational corporation, and challenges Superman despite possessing no godlike powers of his own. He's a born leader, able to rally his fellow villains to work together under the Injustice Gang and Legion of Doom banners. He can even corral the Joker, something most people couldn't hope to do.

On top of all of that, nothing ever sticks to Lex. He can do whatever he wants in public and get away with it. He's the ultimate Teflon-coated villain. Thanks to his wealth and political power, Luthor is untouchable. Villains admire his genius and strategic mind.

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