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10 Best Disney Channel Parents, Ranked

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  • Posted on 02nd Oct, 2022 22:31 PM

Many Disney Channel shows featured the protagonist's parents, who were often loving, kind, and supportive people.

Most young adults grew up watching Disney Channel for funny, family-friendly shows that told engaging but age-appropriate stories. Many protagonists, such as Raven Baxter or Miley Stewart, were good role models for viewers. Additionally, some of their parents were as well, as they showed how powerful parental love could be.

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Some Disney Channel parents loved their kids wholeheartedly, supported their dreams, and helped them grow into amazing young adults. While other Disney parents weren't as great, many made excellent examples for their on-screen children and viewers.


10/10 Connie Munroe Moved Across The Country For Sonny's Dreams (Sonny With A Chance)

Carey Martin was a lounge singer and single mother to her rambunctious twin Zack and Cody. She traveled with the boys before getting a permanent job at the hotel. Their suite only had one bedroom, which she let the boys share, and she slept on the pull-out couch every night.

Carey was always the voice of reason, providing love, comfort, and advice to her sons, London, and Maddie. She also never left her kids alone for long, as she hired Maddie to babysit them. Carey gave up any personal space to provide a stable life for the twins and did everything for those she cared about, making her a wonderful mother.

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