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10 Best Drama Series Of The 2020s So Far

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  • Posted on 22nd Oct, 2022 19:22 PM

The 2020s have seen plenty of dramas hit the small screen, but the best and most compelling series stand out.

The 2020s have seen some of the best television in decades. With the rise of streaming services and more channels than ever, fans have access to television from around the globe and plenty of titles to choose from.

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In particular, dramas are more innovative, genre-spanning, and diverse. Drama series are distinct from miniseries because they have a core concept that can continue to generate compelling storylines for multiple seasons. The 2020s have already seen stand-out entries in the drama genre, and audiences are on the hunt for the best of the best.


10/10 Loki Is Masterful Mischief

Since its premiere in 2021, no show has dominated pop culture quite like Squid Game. The South Korean series became a massive breakthrough hit on Netflix as fans raced to find out which contestants would survive the show's signature gruesome games.

Squid Game became a pop culture juggernaut, with Halloween costumes and techno remixes of its theme song to accompany a number of historic Emmy wins. No other 2020s show has come close to creating the impact of Squid Game, and audiences are eagerly awaiting the second season.

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