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10 Best Fights In Video Game Cutscenes

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  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 01:31 AM

Many games prefer leaving combat in the players' hands. Other games impressively keep players engaged with epic battles embedded in their cutscenes.

Video games are frequently a violent medium. Their stories often rely on conflict and challenge, and combat is an excellent way to simulate those things. Their stories can become bloody affairs, their gameplay full of epic battles. Sometimes the two merge, with a fight taking place partially or wholly within a cutscene.

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This is an unorthodox and controversial approach, because it takes control away from the player and potentially risks overshadowing similar fights in gameplay with feats characters can only achieve in cutscenes. On some occasions, however, the fights prove cinematic, thrilling, and a joy to watch.


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The third act of Spider-Man for the PS4 begins with the formation of one of Spider-Man's most iconic villain teams: the Sinister Six. Responding to a riot at the raft, Peter Parker finds himself attacked by several of his worst enemies, who display new gear and skills. When Spidey reaches the top, five surround him and overpower him before Doctor Octopus appears to threaten him.

The fight is one of the first times that Peter finds himself completely outmatched, and showcases just how dangerous the Sinister Six are. By giving Peter a few moments of fighting back, only to be completely overwhelmed, it creates the perfect feeling of hopelessness to signify the game's darkest hour.

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