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10 Best Grand Theft Auto Games, Ranked By Metacritic

10 Best Grand Theft Auto Games, Ranked By Metacritic Image
  • Posted on 17th Sep, 2022 00:32 AM

Metacritic's ranking of Grand Theft Auto games mostly follows what fans can expect of the iconic gaming series.

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto franchise is the best-selling console franchise of all time. Just Grand Theft Auto V alone has sold more copies than entire other franchises. The series has spent years offering an experience players simply can't get anywhere else. Grand Theft Auto is one of the few franchises where players can travel anywhere and do anything that comes to mind, and the world encourages that behavior.

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At the same time, that's not the only reason the series has sold over 300 million copies. Rockstar has ensured that the quality of Grand Theft Auto is superior to nearly every other franchise on the market, and sets a standard that few other franchises have dared to reach.


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Grand Theft Auto IV was GTA's first attempt at a title for HD consoles. Considering it's tied for the second-highest Metacritic score ever, they did pretty well for themselves. GTA IV's focus was on Niko Bellic, a man from Eastern Europe who sought a new life in the crime-ridden streets of Liberty City.

Fans found themselves entranced by the sheer breadth of things available to do in this game, combined with how beautiful it was for its era. GTA IV was also the last game that could balance having an online mode with actual post-launch support for fans of single-player content. Ballad of Gay Tony is still considered among hardcore fans of the franchise.

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