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10 Best Last-Minute Rescues In Video Games

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  • Posted on 21st Sep, 2022 01:32 AM

Last-minute rescues are commonplace in video games, but the best manage to surprise players who feel all hope of victory is lost.

In fiction, it's ideal to build the tension as high as possible before letting the heroes win. Things have to be at their most desperate, their darkest, before relief can come. While a well-planned rescue would save a person long before there was imminent peril, fictional rescues often feel down to the wire.

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This practice extends to video games. Sometimes the player character is the one doing the rescuing, but more commonly, they're stuck in an impossible position until the reinforcements arrive. Across many genres and all sorts of games, one can expect tense and hair-rising saves to occur at the last possible second.


10 Raiden Holds Back Outer Haven

At one point in Persona 5 Royal, Joker and Crow find themselves up against Cendrillon, an allied persona who's been taken by the game's final boss Maruki. The berserk Cendrillon is almost undefeatable, and the two falter against her. Cendrillon charges up a powerful attack, Vorpal Blade, and prepares to unleash it.

Fellow Phantom Thief Skull jumps in the way to block it, withstanding its effects and stopping it from defeating Joker and Crow. The rest of the crew show up, willing to lend their aid against Cendrillon and Maruki, making victory possible to attain.

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