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10 Best Life Lessons Calvin & Hobbes Taught Us

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  • Posted on 21st Sep, 2022 23:31 PM

While the iconic strip followed the misadventures of two friends, Calvin & Hobbs bears many morals that hit hard for adults today.

Calvin & Hobbes is one of those rare gems in entertainment that comes once in a blue moon. Created by Bill Watterson, the strip told the adventures of six-year-old Calvin and his talking stuffed tiger Hobbes as they traversed through life, getting into trouble and learning about the world around them. Though the series ended in 1995, the comic has a giant cult following, with new readers coming on board yearly.

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And it's no surprise why. The series, though focused on a child's imagination, is steeped in deep conversations and social commentary meant for a wide audience. The lessons Watterson taught using his characters were indeed groundbreaking, and they still ring true to this day.


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The most important lesson Watterson tried to teach readers with his characters was the power of friendship. Readers saw through Calvin the respect and love he gave to Hobbes, even though it wasn't perfect. And readers saw how Hobbes, though imaginary, always stuck by Calvin through thick and thin.

This is something that many people strive for. Sure wealth, status, and comfort are immeasurable goals, but these things don't last long in life. What does persevere is the power of love, from both family and close friends. And as long as readers have them, they will have all they ever needed.

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