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10 Best Manga Creators Of All Time, Ranked

10 Best Manga Creators Of All Time, Ranked Image
  • Posted on 22nd Oct, 2022 02:22 AM

These manga creators have produced iconic works that are widely popular and beloved by millions of fans.

Comics in Japan have a storied history that exceeds a century. Locally referred to as manga, the medium is full of iconic names and works that are influential in fiction and literature. With that in mind, there are a select group of manga creators that have impacted the medium tremendously due to their skills and works. Their imagination, execution, and writing reshaped the manga landscape. They have works that are bone fide classics.

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Across the endless talent pool that manga possesses, there are transcendental entries that force their creators in talks about who is the best among the best. Manga that are so powerful that they influence genres, trends, and conventions. There are creators whose prolific nature make them cornerstones for specific demographics. A pantheon of creators who are irreplaceable for manga.


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Naoki Urusawa started off as a talented character writer. Manga like Yawara! showed that he was capable of creating charming characters with good dynamics. However, it was his turn to maze-like storytelling that launched him to the top of the pantheon. His manga 20th Century Boys and Monster are the best examples of how thrilling and exciting his stories can become.

The characters are fleshed out and compelling, while the stories engage the readers relentlessly. With these feats alone, he would be in contention for one of the best manga creators of all time, but he also reinvents Tezuka's Astro Boy into Pluto. It is more introspective, plot-oriented, and suspenseful. He proves that he is peerless when it comes to storytelling in manga.

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