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10 Best Marvel Gateway Comics

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  • Posted on 17th Sep, 2022 04:32 AM

The ever-expanding world of Marvel might seem daunting to the casual comic fan, but there are several solid entry points.

Marvel is the undisputed leader of the comic industry. With the rise of the MCU, it's the number one superhero brand in the world. Millions think of themselves as Marvel fans, yet the vast majority of them have never once picked up a comic book. Superhero comics can be quite daunting, so finding a book that can make a casual fan into a monthly reader isn't always the easiest.

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Luckily, the familiarity that the MCU gives its fans can make this easier. There are a lot of great Marvel stories out there that can be handed to non-comic fans that show them why they should start reading Marvel comics.


10 Spider-Verse Is A Spider-Man Spectacular

Infinity Gauntlet is the defining Marvel event. It wasn't the first, but it's indisputably the best. Written by Jim Starlin with art by George Pérez and Ron Lim, Thanos's rampage with the Infinity Gauntlet is quite different from the movies, but also better in every way. What makes it so great for new readers is that it was written to reintroduce Thanos, Adam Warlock, Gamora, and Pip the Troll into Marvel continuity.

This allows the story to be more accessible than it would otherwise be. From the slow burn of the first half to the epic action of the last, Infinity Gauntlet delivers for new readers. It gives readers an intriguing glimpse into the Marvel Universe, which will leave them wanting more.

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