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10 Best Non-MCU Series On Disney+

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  • Posted on 12th Oct, 2022 20:22 PM

While the Marvel shows get a lot of attention, Disney Plus has a lot of other great shows for the whole family to enjoy.

Ever since Disney+ was formally announced, it is clear that it would be a great streaming service. With Disney controlling Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic, viewers knew there would be tons of content available. The MCU has had plenty of great shows, including the likes of WandaVison and She-Hulk:Attorney at Law, that have performed successfully on the service.

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While the MCU tends to get all the limelight, sometimes some may forget that Disney+ has a great catalog of other original shows. There are shows for everyone, ranging from a bounty hunter traversing the galaxy, to family shows and musicals, showing that Disney+ has a wide variety of choices for viewers.


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Diary of a Future President came from executive producer Gina Rodriguez. The show followed a young Cuban American girl who aspires to be (and later becomes) President of the United States. It stared Tess Romero as the young Elena, and Rodriquez as the older Elena as President.

Despite getting great reviews, Diary of a Future President was unfortunately canceled after two seasons. The show was well-received for its positive message for young girls that if they set their mind to it, they can go anywhere they want in life, no matter their background.

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