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10 Best Sandman Characters In The Comics, Ranked

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  • Posted on 02nd Oct, 2022 16:31 PM

With many of them making their cinematic debut in the Netflix adaption, Sandman's best characters have captivated viewers and comics fans alike.

Neil Gaiman's Sandman series was recently adapted into a Netflix show, and with it, a great number of amazing characters came to life. Several characters made their epic appearance, including Dream, Lucifer Morningstar, and Johanna Constantine. With all the characters Gaiman provided the comics, many fell confident the versatility will continue and Netflix will have a hard time messing up this series.

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At the end of the day, however, fans will always have their favorites. For reasons beyond simple explanation, people are drawn to various characters for many reasons, and as such, will have strong opinions about who the best Sandman characters are.

Updated on September 15th, 2022 by Casey Lawrence: Netflix's Sandman adaption introduced a larger audience to Neil Gaiman's unique characters and thought-provoking narratives. As more of Gaiman's world springs to life, fans will get to learn even more about their favorite Sandman characters.


10/10 Lucien Is The Dreaming's Loyal Librarian

Morpheus, or Dream, is the third eldest Endless and the protagonist of the Sandman series. Dream's somber appearance mirrors his demeanor. He often acts melancholy, down on himself, and distant. Most of his relationships end up in disaster, often due to his shortcomings.

Out of all his siblings, Dream is closest with Death, and the two often team up to tackle problems facing reality, their family, or themselves. Dream's realm is an absolute delight to explore, and the artwork of artists like Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg, and Jill Thompson enrich this world with characters and creatures that could only witnessed in wild dreams.

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