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10 Best Shows To Watch While Working Out

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  • Posted on 20th Sep, 2022 03:32 AM

Breaking a sweat can be rough, but these shows can help make going to the gym a little more fun.

For most nine-to-fivers, going to the gym includes meticulous scheduling, and squeezing in a workout before or after a long day. With all of life's pressures, a simple Spotify playlist often doesn't cut it. When it comes to lifting dumbells and sweating buckets, there's a delicate formula to achieve the highest rate of productivity in a short amount of time. Oftentimes, those that prefer binging shows over shuffling playlists during strenuous workout sessions favor sitcoms over heavy plots.

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Meanwhile, others prefer to fixate on a show's dramatic energy to drown out the exhaustion of working out. Both mind-numbing sitcom lovers and adrenaline junkies are just looking for something to help make getting in shape a little easier.


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Being a defining series of the '90s automatically makes Friends untouchable, though in today's political climate, some jokes have aged poorly. Still, there's quite a bit of nostalgia from just listening to the group hang out at Central Perk.

Most of today's generation grew up watching Friends. What's better background noise to lifting weights than a familiar show that feels like home? Working out can be lonely, but with Friends in the background, things are a little easier. From off-tune "Smelly Cat" to scientifically incorrect Doctor Drake Ramoray, Friends is iconic in and out of the gym. It's the perfect companion to livening up any mundane activity, as viewers blend into the legendary group as a seventh member.

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