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10 Best Songs From Non-Disney Animated Movies

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  • Posted on 23rd Oct, 2022 08:42 AM

Great songs aren't only produced by Disney films; there are plenty of catchy tunes that come from other animated movies.

While Disney animated movies are known for their songs, there are plenty of non-Disney films whose songs are even more enchanting. The tunes in these movies are so moving that audiences will want to listen to them time and time again. The music in these movies shows that Disney is not the only company that can produce great movie musicals.

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Many of the songs in non-Disney animated movies could stand up to, or even surpass Disney at its prime, yet these are the few that stand out. Not only are the melodies charming, but the lyrics pull at the heartstrings of audience members. There is no doubt that these songs are some of the best in animation.


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Cats Don't Dance

“The Last Unicorn” is the ethereal opening of the animated feature, The Last Unicorn. The wistful song accurately captures the loneliness and longing the last unicorn feels – especially after she discovers love.

While many viewers today may not remember this iconic movie, it is one they should not pass by - especially where this opening theme is concerned. The tune is so arresting that it will float around in audiences’ minds long after the movie is over. It is a beautiful reminder of the pain and beauty of love and nature.

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