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10 Best Spider-Man Movie Trailers

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  • Posted on 18th Sep, 2022 02:32 AM

Teasing bold animation, new plotlines, or the return of fan-favorite characters, the best Spider-Man trailers proved as exciting as the movies.

Spider-Man films helped rejuvenate interest in superhero films, paving the way for the likes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As fun and iconic as the Spider-Man films are, part of their success comes from the epic trailers that set the viewers' expectations before the official release.

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Trailers are an art form. When done right, they increase audience anticipation and entice fans to rewatch them just as much as the actual movie. The best Spider-Man trailers got creative, teased new and familiar characters, and revealed key details convinced fans to go see the next Spider-Man movie.


10 The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Trailer Teased A Bigger Plot Involving Oscorp

A fully animated Spider-Man film had been in development for years, leading many to speculate what kind of movie Sony was bringing to the table. To fans' satisfaction, Sony released a teaser trailer that showcased bold animation for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Although some people disagreed with Sony's and Marvel's handling of the Spider-Man franchise, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse's teaser gave fans hope. The teaser demonstrated unique art, animation, and music that set it apart from other animated films and other Spider-Man films. Thanks to the teaser, loads of fans expected it to be one of the coolest and best Spider-Man movies to date, and Into the Spider-Verse delivered.

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