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10 Best Teen-Centric Horror Films

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  • Posted on 17th Sep, 2022 10:32 AM

Teen-centric horror films provide more than just scary thrills; they provide fun for the whole family.

The desire for more variety in the horror genre has grown immensely over the past few years. The summer of 2022 introduced fans to sci-fi frights like Nope while also giving viewers comedy horrors like The Day Shift. Bodies, Bodies, Bodies is in the vein of comedy horror. However, it leans heavily into popular tropes, and shows that the theme of teens getting into scary shenanigans can still be entertaining.


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Teenage horror films excel at the opportunity to suspend disbelief, in that characters can get away with being naive. However, if a movie focuses on an older cast, the campy elements and fun of the genre aren't so easy to get away with. So while some folks may outgrow the genre, there's a reason it's staying strong even as the horror scene shifts.


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By now, horror fans can't get anywhere without seeing the infamous "Ghostface" mask. The black and white face of Scream has earned its place in the horror hall of fame by revitalizing the slasher genre. Scream is a must-see for new horror fans, but it's also a popular re-watch if they're looking for the traditional teen-horror vibes.

The film takes the idea of an emotionless killer and does a complete 180 by giving Ghostface a unique and remorseless sense of humor. The film was meant to be a bit of a satirical piece, but ultimately it's credited as saving the horror genre altogether, igniting the flame of late 90s and 2000s films that kept the genre going in more unique ways.


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