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10 Best TV Lawyers

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  • Posted on 18th Sep, 2022 01:32 AM

With police procedurals, detective shows, and courtroom dramas, there are plenty of lawyers on TV. However, the best stand out.

All stories have conflict, but there are few better ways to tell a compelling story than to place it somewhere that conflict runs rampant: the courtroom. Lawyers have been on TV screens for a long time, so there are many interpretations of these characters. From the most faithful, by-the-book lawyers to the more morally gray ones, many TV lawyers are popular with fans.

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With lawyers like the serious yet humorous Ben Matlock and the slippery entertainer that is Saul Goodman, the best lawyers on TV come from both sides of the track. In fact, the best lawyers on television have two things in common: knowledge and personality.


Jimmy McGill often went by his business name Saul Goodman and was an unstoppable lawyer. If Jimmy's kindheartedness joined forces with the entertaining likability Saul provided, there would be no better lawyer on TV.

Even in his worst decisions, Saul was still a great lawyer who looked out for his clients, no matter how bad they were. While fans would mourn the loss of McGill during his transformation into Saul, there was no doubt that even Jimmy at his best would have struggled with Saul's clientele. Saul's meticulous knowledge of the law and his ability to manipulate it made him a brilliant lawyer.

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