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10 Best TV Murderers

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  • Posted on 03rd Oct, 2022 20:31 PM

There are plenty of murderers who have kept TV viewers up at night, but these killers are a cut above the rest.

There are many great shows out there that involve death and bloodshed, but murder is intrinsically different. Television shows with murder involved are almost endless. Shows like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones both have had people killed, but neither has a character like A from Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.

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Murderers make some shows what they are. From the whodunits of Only Murders in the Building to the TV show continuation of Child's Play, a murderer is a murderer no matter how small. However, not every killer can make a claim to fame, which simply means that some murderers are just better than others.

10/10 Jan Bellows Committed A Classic Crime Of Passion (Only Murders in the Building)

The Chesapeake Ripper, aka Hannibal Lecter, haunted Baltimore for quite some time, taunting the public while simultaneously infiltrating the investigation. NBC's Hannibal showed Hannibal before his incarceration and presented him as a surprisingly emotional man.

However, even at his most emotional, Hannibal Lecter was shown to be indifferent to people's feelings, especially the ones he murdered. Hannibal saw his victims as pigs, thinking of them as nothing but dinner and a new art piece. Not only that, but Hannibal Lecter's lack of remorse shines even brighter once he decides it's time to crack a cannibal-related joke.

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