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10 Best Video Games With Permadeath

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  • Posted on 17th Sep, 2022 22:32 PM

Games with permadeath often have higher stakes as the player can lose characters. Nevertheless, some great video games see the characters stay dead.

Death is very commonplace in video games. Most of them are violent, challenging affairs that are designed for the player character to die repeatedly in certain parts. As such, characters rarely die permanently in video games. It's either possible to revive them or respawn them at an earlier point if they fail.

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Some games take a different approach. In some titles, death is a much more serious affair with permanent consequences. In games with larger casts, this means that the player loses one or more characters for the rest of the game. In games with only one character, permadeath often sees a player lose their entire profile.


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Until Dawn is designed to emulate slasher movies, most of which don't include cast members coming back to life once their time is up. Consequently, when a character dies in Until Dawn, they stay dead and the story shapes itself around their absence. There are some fake-outs where a character is later revealed to be alive, but genuine deaths are long-lasting.

It is possible to have the main cast come out of the game alive, but it's by no means guaranteed. Until Dawn even has some fun with its permadeath, having several achievements that urge players to kill specific groups of survivors while leaving others alive.

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