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10 Best Wolverine Stories Of The ‘90s

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  • Posted on 19th Oct, 2022 14:22 PM

Delivering tension, heartbreak, and triumph, the greatest Wolverine stories from the 90s pull readers into Logan's mind and uncover his past.

Wolverine became a star in the '80s, his popularity helping Uncanny X-Men hit the highest heights of the sales charts. Readers loved the ol' Canucklehead, helping him land a solo ongoing series in 1989. Wolverine's adventures struck a chord with readers and the character took a victory lap during the '90s, starring in tales that expanded upon his legend and helped define who he was outside the X-Men.

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The '90s weren't the best time for the comic industry, but Wolverine fans had plenty of epic narratives to sink their teeth into. The character starred in some amazing stories throughout the decade, giving readers everything they could ever want from him.


10/10 Wolverine '95 Pit Wolverine And Nightcrawler Against An Old Enemy

In the pantheon of the best Wolverine stories, Wolverine (Vol. 2) #90 stands tall. Created Larry Hama, Adam Kubert, Mark Farmer, Dan Green, Marie Javins, and Pat Brosseau, the story portrays Wolverine returning to a nearly empty X-Mansion. The only occupant is Sabretooth, held prisoner by the X-Men.

As Wolverine struggles not to kill his hated enemy, Sabretooth takes the choice out of his hands and the two engage in an epic battle. The comic is a masterpiece of tension. Hama and Kubert work well together and create a perfect blend of action and character development. The last issue before The Age Of Apocalypse, Wolverine (Vol. 2) #90 contained an amazing cliffhanger ending.

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