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10 Best X-Men Stories Of The 80s

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  • Posted on 21st Oct, 2022 22:22 PM

The 1980s were an amazing time for fans of the X-Men, a decade filled with some of the greatest stories about Marvel's mutants to ever be published.

The X-Men got a second chance in the '70s, but it wasn't until the '80s that things took off for the team. Writer Chris Claremont would helm Uncanny X-Men throughout the decade, working with Marvel's best artists and creating stories that would make the team into legends. The group was on top of the sales charts, as well as experiencing a creative renaissance that would lead to the best Marvel books of the decade.

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The X-Men became stars during the decade of excess, rising above nearly everything else in the comic industry at the time. This was made possible because of great stories, tales that have stood the test of time and showed just how amazing the X-Men could be.


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The Dark Phoenix Saga isn't just the best X-Men story, but among the greatest Marvel stories of all time. Showcasing the final battle between the X-Men and the Dark Phoenix, Claremont and Byrne are in rare form for this one. It completely lives up to its billing as a saga, testing the X-Men in ways they'd never been tested before.

The Dark Phoenix Saga is action-packed and heartbreaking. It's the X-Men story that even non-fans of the team know about and has played a huge role in X-Men and Marvel history ever since. It's Claremont and Byrne at their finest and a story that everyone can agree is the best.

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