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10 Biggest Twists In DC Vs Vampires

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  • Posted on 05th Oct, 2022 06:31 AM

The DC Vs. Vampires event pits some of DC's greatest heroes and villains against each other in a constantly surprising tale of good vs. evil.

Written by James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg, DC vs. Vampires is one of DC's most recent Elseworlds stories. This series, with art by Otto Schmidt and Simone Di Meo, is set in an alternate universe where vampires have declared war on humans. After overturning Mary Queen of Blood, these bloodsucking monsters are ready to take over the world. Since they start by turning DC's most powerful heroes and villains, the vampires got a headstart. Now the survivors must join forces to survive their dark reign.

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In a war full of double agents, everyone is suspicious of everyone, and not even the readers know who they can trust. What makes DC vs. Vampires so enthralling is its action-packed, rapid plot full of twists and turns from the very first issue. Tynion and Rosenberg treat comics fans to a new adventure that will surprise them every step of the way.


10/10 Lex Luthor Became Humanity's Only Hope

While Nightwing has a dangerous agenda, he hasn't been able to forget his past as a hero. In DC vs. Vampires: Hunters #1, the first tie-in of the series, he actually spares Damian and Alfred's lives after catching them trying to sneak into his lair. When Alfred asks the reasons behind it, he confesses that he believes Damian's hybrid nature will be the key for vampires and humans to coexist.

This emotional conversation, which ends with Alfred promising Dick to take care of Damian, proves that Nightwing isn't all gone. There's still the chance to save humanity without having to resort to a vampire massacre. Only time will tell whether this hope is going to pan out.

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