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10 Board Games Where You Play The Villain

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  • Posted on 07th Oct, 2022 21:31 PM

Everyone loves to be a hero, but sometimes players want to be bad. Luckily, these board games are all about playing as the evil characters.

As board games grow in popularity, more and more games come out that offer new experiences and varying ways to play classic games. Most of these games, however, feature players battling against each other on level playing terms, or combining their efforts to battle a non-playable evil. But what about the players who want to be that evil force?

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Fortunately, there are quite a few games out there that let players control the evil character(s) and face off against their friends in battle. There are also some games that are entirely focused on evil characters, dismissing the good ones altogether. These games offer a new experience for players to explore their dark side and have fun while doing it.


10/10 Warhammer: Chaos In The Old World Turns Players Into Evil Gods

Betrayal At House on the Hill is a fantastic game of horrific anticipation. Players explore a haunted mansion one room at a time, placing new tiles as they go. Tiles can reveal rooms that house spirits and omens that can end with a roll of the dice to fight off spirits and either add or lose stat points on their character.

When enough omens are uncovered, a haunting betrayal occurs and players must see who will be cursed and who will need to survive. It becomes a one vs everyone else as the betrayer becomes the villain and the game changes entirely based on one of the dozens of possible stories.

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