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10 Cliché TV Shows With Predictable Endings

10 Cliché TV Shows With Predictable Endings Image
  • Posted on 28th Sep, 2022 04:31 AM

Many TV shows have fallen into a trap of tired tropes and typical endings.

Many popular shows on television follow a set of themes and plot points, which makes them very easy to predict. However, what many fans want to see is the ending that has built up throughout the series. Such as the guy getting the girl, and they have a happily ever after. Because of this, a lot of popular television has become cliché.

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As TV watchers can now easily access shows and watch several episodes or seasons through streaming platforms, it is easy to pinpoint the similarities and the most likely direction the show will go in. This may explain why shows such as Game of Thrones garnered such popularity due to their killing off of main characters and an inability to identify what will happen next.


10 The Repetition In Two And A Half Men

Modern Family's ending was written in the same familiar way the rest of the show was. Over 250 episodes spanning 11 seasons and 11 years, the children grew up and became adults, and the series was no longer modern. However, it held onto the same themes and plot points that it started with, and many fans were happy when it ended in 2020.

Modern Family built layers to its humor and curated an abundance of inside jokes to use and rely upon. As a result, it is a positive and happy ending that doesn't shock and awe but fills fans with joy and hope for their favorite characters' futures.

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