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10 Comics For People Who Hate Superheroes

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  • Posted on 19th Oct, 2022 18:22 PM

For anyone tired of superhero plots, there are several comics that promise exciting premises and captivating art while changing up the pace.

Comics have been a synonym with superheroes for decades, but this isn't all they are. While Marvel and DC have mostly made superpowered individuals famous, many other comics revolve around different stories. As with all narrative media, comics have infinite potential, so readers who don't like superhero adventures can still treat themselves to amazing, well-written stories.

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Some of these comics are still action-packed series that follow a dynamic adventure, but othersexplore a more domestic, quotidian life, full of emotionally complex characters readers can relate to. Anyone looking for a quality comic that doesn't have billionaires in armor suits or aliens committed to America's safety have great alternatives to enjoy.


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Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise is, above everything, the story of a love triangle between two women and a man. However, this slice-of-life drama slowly unravels throughout 90 issues, delving into other genres like thriller, drama, and even crime.

Strangers in Paradise is mostly a realistic story. Except for one bizarre dream sequence (created by Jim Lee for "Love me Tender"), it barely includes superheroes. Perfect for fans who want a break from super-powered escapades, Strangers in Paradise is guaranteed to hold their attention until the end.

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