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10 Coolest Justice League Villains

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  • Posted on 12th Oct, 2022 20:22 PM

The Justice League fight against the toughest threats in the universe, but their villains also happen to be some of the coolest in DC comics.

The Justice League has had some amazing adventures over the years, with the villains the team faces playing a key role. The League has faced down some great antagonists over the years, but not all of them are created equally. Some are powerful, some are smart, and some are both. However, there are some who have a little something extra. This extra sets them apart from their fellows and makes them great.

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Some Justice League are just undeniably cool. They have that "it" factor, even the ones that aren't well known. Even bad stories with them are still very entertaining, and every time they show up is a treat for the fans.


10/10 Mageddon Was The Perfect Justice League Threat

Darkseid's power makes him a Multiverse shaking force. The God of Evil has always been the most popular part of the Fourth World mythos. Darkseid is cool because he is evil, and that's it. There's no tragic backstory, nothing that makes his evil relatable. He's just a void, trying to devour everything there is so that nothing but him and his will exists in the Multiverse.

Darkseid's rocky countenance and distinctive way of speaking sell just how cool he is. He's the ultimate destroyer with no sympathy. Other villains wish they could be as effortlessly cool as Darkseid is, which is why every Darkseid story is good as long as he's on the page.

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