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10 Coolest X-Men

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  • Posted on 14th Oct, 2022 18:22 PM

The X-Men are Marvel's coolest, most diverse team of heroes. Not surprisingly, some of the X-Men's best members are also the team's icons of cool.

The X-Men have been Marvel's most popular hero team for a long time. They've been able to keep that title for a variety of reasons, from the team's central metaphor to their great villains to the characters themselves. Of course, like any team, there are tiers within the group itself, as some X-Men are just way cooler than the rest of the team. These are the stand-out members, the ones who every fan loves.

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The X-Men made their bones by being Marvel's coolest team. Every member brings something unique to the team, with the coolest members giving the team their reputation.


10/10 Cyclops Is Cooler Than He Gets Credit For

Wolverine is the best there is at what he does. In this particular case, that's being cool. Wolverine was the X-Men's original man of mystery, the gruff loner with a heart of gold. His mystique drew people in, but his heart is what kept them there. Wolverine can be a handful, but he loves deeply and will do anything to protect innocents and his friends.

Wolverine is cool because he exceeds expectations. It's easy to just think of him as just one kind of person, but he has layers. He has unparalleled animal magnetism. More importantly, his desire to do right by everyone, to make up for the sins of his past, makes him much cooler than just a thug with a healing factor could ever be.

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