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10 Coolest X-Men Villains

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  • Posted on 14th Oct, 2022 12:22 PM

Whether it's their costumes, backstories, motivations, or an unknown factor that pulls readers in, the X-Men's coolest villains have proven iconic.

The X-Men have long been Marvel's best-selling franchise, moving comics like no other line. People love the team, but a factor in its success has always been the villains. The X-Men have a rogues gallery that can stand with the best in comics, comprising powerful and intriguing foes that fans can't get enough of.

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X-Men villains are so great that they often get redeemed and go on to greater glory. Additionally, the Krakoa era has allowed fans to see more and more of their favorite villains take the spotlight. Setting themselves apart from the pack, the coolest X-Men villains have become icons in their own right.


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Sabretooth is a brutal monster, but he doesn't deny it. He's completely reprehensible, yet he enjoys every single minute of it. He has great insults and quips in battle, amazing costumes, and a cat that ate the canary look that works for him. Hating Sabretooth is easy, but he has a way about him that makes him seem like the coolest villain on the planet.

Despite rarely being portrayed as an empathetic character, Sabretooth exudes coolness like few other villains. He can act like a murderous berserker and appear a cunning mastermind minutes later. He's the head of the table when it comes to cool X-Men villains and any story with him in it automatically becomes better.

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