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10 Darkest Female Anime Characters, Ranked

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  • Posted on 01st Oct, 2022 08:31 AM

These anime women take dark to a whole other level and send a chill down fans' spines.

Anime's best female heroes inspire the audience every time they're on screen because of how they carry themselves and stand proud against adversity. Some are shonen heroes who bravely stand on the frontlines and ward off the despicable villains. Others are shojo queens who prove that kindness is always cool.

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However, there are plenty of anime women who are nothing short of walking red flags. These characters completely turned to the dark side and never looked back. Some became obsessive yanderes whose love becomes violent at the drop of a hat, while others are complicated antiheroes who drive the story.

10/10 Ai Enma Roams The Earth As A Vengeful Spirit (Hell Girl)

Makima's true identity isn't officially revealed until the end of Chainsaw Man, but fans knew that something wasn't quite right with her from the jump. She was almost too friendly and eerily calm most of the time. Her flirtatious behavior towards Denji quickly turned into stringing along a naive teenage boy for her own gain.

Makima is manipulative, cruel, and terrifying. As the Control Devil, her goal was to take advantage of Denji, break his mind, and take advantage of the Chainsaw Devil, Pochita, who fused with his heart. Makima said that her goal was to create her ideal world without death and suffering, but some believe that was just an attempt to romanticize her true objective.

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