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10 DC Heroes Who Never Fulfilled Their Destiny

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  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 22:31 PM

Plenty of young DC Comics heroes never escaped the shadows of DC's veteran heroes and never established legacies of their own.

Young superheroes face a plethora of challenges in DC Comics. Though younger heroes should eventually take over for the older guard, they exist in a universe where characters aren't allowed to age, making it nearly impossible for them to ever become the next version of a major hero. Having said that, some heroes have established new legacies, like Dick Grayson's Nightwing or Wally West's debut as a new Flash alongside Barry Allen and Jay Garrick.

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Other heroes within the DC Universe struggle to figure out their roles. Some are part of generational lineages and haven't figured out how to establish an identity of their own, while others are heroes who were forgotten by creators and fans as the eras changed.


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Every version of Firestorm is a disappointment. The character was introduced in the late 80s as DC's version of Spider-Man: a teenage hero with incredible potential and a penchant for making wisecracks. He was meant to step into a major role as a member of the Justice League, but with each successive League following the Satellite Era, Firestorm became less relevant.

Jason Rusch hasn't been any more impressive either. Despite being smarter than Ronnie, he's not interesting enough to hold his own, and writers rarely utilize him thanks to his low popularity relative to other young DC heroes.

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