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10 Dog Movies For Non-Dog People

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  • Posted on 21st Sep, 2022 20:31 PM

Some dog movies are just so charming or well-made that they appeal to people who's pet preferences lie elsewhere.

Dogs have been featured in movies for almost as long as movies have been around. Whether as plucky sidekicks or as unlikely protagonists, dogs have featured in movies across genres, countries, and decades. Dogs in movies bring a certain charm and innocence, even for audience members who aren't normally dog people.

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While some movie-goers might roll their eyes at a film staring a precocious pup, there are certain movies that manage to overcome even this preference. Whether because they tell a great story independent of the canine character or because the dog in question is just that likable, some dog movies manage to win over even those who ordinarily couldn't care less.


10 Red Dog Is A Story About Love And Loyalty

It's hard to forget that dogs and wolves are very similar both in appearance and behavior, but sometimes people do forget. The original White Fang novel from 1906 does a stunning job of portraying the rough life of one lone wolfdog living in the Yukon. It's a century-old timeless classic, hence why there's no wonder that Netflix released an adaptation in 2018.

White Fang is a story about things that are inherent in most, if not all, people: freedom, courage, trust, and adversity. Something about how viewers watch the titular canine grow from a vulnerable puppy into a powerful, loved guard dog despite everything is sure to appeal to anyone regardless of origin.

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