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10 Fan-Favorite Anime Athletes

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  • Posted on 20th Sep, 2022 06:32 AM

Sports anime aren't popular just for their exciting matches. Sports anime also owe a lot to their fan-favorite characters who draw in audiences.

Sports anime have risen in popularity over the years, with series like Haikyu!! and Kuroko's Basketball at the forefront of favorites. Still, there are plenty of sports anime to watch and love, with themes based around a passion for their chosen sport and a determination to achieve their goals keeping them well-loved.

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Of course, sports anime often feature a variety of characters, both from the main character's team and opposing teams. While many times the main character is among the most beloved characters, some fan-favorite characters even come from supporting characters and opposing teams, most notably selected for just how beloved they are by fans.


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Toru Oikawa is from an opposing team in Haikyu!!, but is still a fan-favorite for his entertaining personality. He comes across as harsh and narcissistic, and it's not an untrue description of him. However, fans learn he has a softer side that just wants to do his best, which helps with fans' admiration.

Overall, Oikawa is a character that fans hate to love but is undoubtedly a fan-favorite. Whether it's because fans love his standoffish, narcissistic personality or just because of the deeper implications of his backstory, he remains a fan-favorite for many.

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