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10 Funny Introverted Anime Characters

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  • Posted on 12th Oct, 2022 13:22 PM

Many anime characters are introverted yet still have a sense of humor, like L from Death Note and Shino Aburame from Naruto.

The most popular anime characters have iconic personalities recognizable to many people across generations and the world. Some characters are known for their overbearing optimism, while others are known for their persistent pessimism. Regardless, fans worldwide love to watch how their favorite character's personalities affect and are affected by the world they live in.

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More recently, there has been an increasing amount of anime characters who are introverted yet still have a sense of humor. Reserved characters are easier to understand and appeal to more introverted viewers. The hijinks some anime characters get into because of their social awkwardness make them all the more lovable to their fans.


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In WataMote, Tomoko is one of the most known anime characters worldwide. Her struggle with socializing, obsession with otome games, and tendency to daydream are painfully easy for some fans to identify with. However, Tomoko also has an abrasive personality that doesn't make it any easier for her to socialize.

Tomoko's narcissistic self-righteous view of the world causes her to think everyone else is the problem and prevents her from changing. She is a stereotypical gamer weeb who loves online simulators more than actual people.

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