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10 Image Series Perfect For Adaptation

10 Image Series Perfect For Adaptation Image
  • Posted on 26th Sep, 2022 16:31 PM

Image publishes some of the most interesting and unique stories in comic books today, many of which are perfect for TV or film adaptations.

Image Comics has been around for 30 years. Founded by seven superstar Marvel artists including Todd McFarlane and Jim Lee, the company became a major force in the comic book industry. As Image partners have left, new ones have come in and Image has opened up to a wide variety of creators.

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Series like The Walking Dead and Invincible proved that content can be faithfully adapted. With outlets other than film and broadcast television, the opportunities are wide open. Streaming outlets allow for broader use of profanity, violence, and other mature content, and there are a ton of Image comic books just waiting to receive onscreen treatments.


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Mage has been through three separate publishers, finally finding a home at Image Comics. Matt Wagner carried it for 35 years. The story follows Kevin Matchstick through a modern-day mythological allegory. He starts as the embodiment of King Arthur with a magic baseball bat as his Excalibur, and the series goes on to encompass other mythological heroes.

If any series from Image needs to be a multi-season television series, it's Mage. The story spans decades and carries heroic moments throughout, with Matchstick's journey of growth. An adaptation needs to show this hero's journey to a greater audience.

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