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10 JoJo's Stand Abilities With Permanent Consequences

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  • Posted on 23rd Oct, 2022 21:42 PM

Some Stands in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure are so powerful they cause lasting effects.

In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, battles against enemy Stand users are seldom consequential. Most abilities dissipate when outside the caster's range or once they have been knocked unconscious, which makes them fairly safe opponents.

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However, there are some powers so pernicious that they can have permanent effects on the victim if not remedied by the user directly. Others are so deadly that once cast, they are completely beyond the original user's control. Through identifying such characters and the nature of their abilities, it becomes easier to appreciate why they are formidable and what happens to those that cross their Stands' paths.


10/10 Gwess' Cry Cry Dolls Permanently Reduce The Victim's Size

Rohan Kishibe was the user of "Heaven's Door," one of the most versatile Stands in the entire series. It allowed him to rewrite any facet of his target's personality, giving him godlike influence over the victim.

What makes Heaven's Door especially powerful is that once something has been written, it cannot be removed. The only way to amend its effect is if Kishibe makes a rewrite to the subject. Heaven's Door can also be a force for good, as seen when Kishibe used it to teach Koichi Italian.

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