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10 Marvel Comic Covers That Aged Poorly

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  • Posted on 17th Oct, 2022 21:22 PM

Marvel Comics, and their predecessor Timely, have been in business since 1939. It's no wonder that not every cover has aged well.

Marvel Comics has published tens of thousands of issues since it was founded as Timely Comics in 1939. Some of those comics feature iconic cover art, while others' covers were forgettable. Then there are the covers people remember but for the wrong reasons. With art dating back to the 1930s, it's no surprise that some covers have aged poorly. More surprising is how many covers from recent decades have joined their regrettable ranks.

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Throughout its history, Marvel has tried to be progressive. The company made headlines with its decisions to address issues like alcoholism and domestic violence well before comics regularly dealt with topical issues. Marvel's titles have also features characters with different genders, ethnicities, and abilities, including some of comics' first LGBTQ+ heroes. Despite its track record, however, Marvel hasn't always gotten it right.

This article discusses racism and inappropriate sexualization in comics.


10/10 Captain America Comics #13 (1941) Presents Wartime Propaganda

The Young Allies comics from the 1940s followed the adventures of some of Marvel's sidekicks, including Bucky Barnes and the Human Torch's pal Toro. The young protagonists often faced dangerous situations, and Young Allies #8 is no exception. However, the number of elements from the cover that aged incredibly badly since its publication is exceptional.

The cover artwork, drawn by Alex Schomburg features offensive stereotypes of Japanese people common in propaganda at the time. This cover takes it a step further, though, by portraying a Black hero in an incredibly offensive style as well. Both renditions dehumanized the people they depicted in ways that are, fortunately, no longer welcome.

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