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10 Marvel Villains With Forgotten Tragic Backstories

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  • Posted on 17th Oct, 2022 17:22 PM

While some of Marvel's villains are irredeemably evil, there are a few who have become sympathetic due to traumatic origins or tragic backstories.

Spider-Man and the X-Men are preparing to deal with the combined threat of two dangerous Marvel villains in the upcoming Dark Web event. Evil clones like Ben Reilly and Madelyne Pryor have teamed up to take on their enemies and deal with the trauma of their origins in the only way they know how.

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Marvel villains like Chasm have tragic backstories that have made them sympathetic characters over the years. Fans were able to feel for the villains and started to understand why these characters ended up on a criminal path. Some of these tragic backstories have become forgotten by fans who only focus on the character’s evil deeds without minding their dark origins.


10/10 Mole Man Was Driven Underground By Constant Bullying And Harassment Due To His Appearance

The Jackal cloned Spider-Man to create the man who would become known as Ben Reilly. The clone created the identity of Scarlet Spider and even took over as Spider-Man twice. Unfortunately, his second chance as the wall-crawler ended with his villainous transformation into Chasm. Reilly already had a dark backstory even before he started working with Beyond Corporation.

His mind fractured after The Jackal killed and cloned him repeatedly using a process that allowed him to remember each violent death. Beyond then altered and almost completely erased Reilly’s memories, removing Peter Parker’s formative lessons. He was also physically transformed during Beyond’s escape, which set the stage for his tragic debut as Chasm.

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