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10 Marvel Villains With The Highest Kill Counts

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  • Posted on 23rd Sep, 2022 15:31 PM

The Marvel Universe is filled with some of the biggest villains in comics, but these baddies have kill counts that make the rest look like amateurs.

Marvel's villains can be a dastardly lot, but some take it to levels that others can't even imagine. While many villains are fine with just robbing banks and the like, there are some out there who go much further. These villains destroy everything in their path. Sometimes, these villains want nothing more than to conquer planets, while others believe it's their right to destroy all who they deem unworthy, and for some, it's just a part of their life cycle.

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Many Marvel villains have incalculable body counts. They've slaughtered everyone in front of them, not letting anything stop them. The reasoning isn't always the same, but the results are heaps of bodies littering their path.

10 Sabretooth Has Been A Prolific Killer For Over A Century

Galactus isn't technically a villain, but try telling to that a planet in his path. Galactus has to devour worlds to survive, and many of those worlds were inhabited. The universe has existed for 13.7 billion years, meaning the amount of life lost to Galactus is incalculable.

Even taking into account Thanos killing half the universe in one go, Galactus still wins on kill count. Although not every world he destroyed was inhabited or had a large population, the sheer volume of them in 13.7 billion years is unknowably vast. Scientists on Earth calculate that the amount of dead humans equals those alive, and that's only after a hundred thousand years of human existence. Galactus has had way more time, so he's easily eclipsed Thanos's Gauntlet-powered snap.

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