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10 MHA Characters You Don't Want As A Roommate

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  • Posted on 03rd Oct, 2022 17:31 PM

Living with these My Hero Academia would be very difficult.

My Hero Academia has heroic characters with big personalities. Fans have watched MHA characters grow into amazing heroes and fans have also learned to relate to their struggles. Most MHA fans can admit they dream of their favorite character being real but considering the wild personality of some of these characters, spending time with them or even living with them would definitely backfire.

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With the threat of villains around every corner being a good roommate is probably low on the character's priority lists. Even if a character is kind and respectful, there are far more negatives to living with a character from MHA than there are positives.


10/10 Iida Is Too Strict

Endeavor takes pride in the house he lives in. His traditional Japanese mansion, which is featured in the series on several occasions, is beautiful. Plus, as the number one hero, he can likely afford to pay people to take care of his house. However, it's not the upkeep of his home that makes him such a bad roommate.

Like Bakugo and Monoma, he's very argumentative. He's respected by the people around him but also feared, which doesn't make for good relationships. Worst of all, living with Endeavor means dealing with his family drama. If he isn't arguing with his kids, they're making passive-aggressive comments about his parenting. Some may find this fun to watch, but most like to stay out of other people's drama.

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