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10 Most Charismatic Marvel Supervillains, Ranked

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  • Posted on 07th Oct, 2022 01:31 AM

Marvel Comics is the home for some of comics' best villains. It's surprising how charming some of these killers and crooks can be.

Marvel's villains are often as interesting as their heroic foes. These multi-faceted antagonists have power and skill, able to vie with the greatest heroes around. The best of them are also weirdly charming These charismatic villains add an extra dimension to their threat. They know how to use more than just violence to get their way. They understand how to use people, how to make themselves look good, and how to command others to do their bidding.

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Charismatic villains have an edge over their fellows. They can cajole and manipulate, making others believe anything they want them to, without having to use any superhuman powers.


10/10 Kingpin Knows The Ins And Outs Of People Like Few Others

Doctor Doom is amazing at many things. He's intelligent, a superhuman engineer, skilled with magic, and a fierce fighter. He's a great leader, as well, having led the people of Latveria in a rebellion that made him their ruler. The people of his homeland love him and they know that he loves them. Doom can be bombastic, angry, and petty, but he can also be charming.

Doom is known for his distinct way of speaking, and there's a nobility surrounding him that can draw people in. While he can turn on a dime from a charming man into an egotistical monster, he's been able to make even his enemies see things his way when he needs to.

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