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10 Most Cringeworthy DC Bronze Age Covers

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  • Posted on 23rd Oct, 2022 14:42 PM

The Bronze Age was a period of innovation and growth for DC Comics. Looking back, some of the era's cover art is downright cringeworthy.

Comic books in America entered The Bronze Age in 1970, sixteen years after the creation of the Comics Code Authority. Lasting until 1985, it was a time of new boundaries to push. Despite all their groundbreaking work, DC Comics in the 1970s was a very different company. Many artists sought to flex their creativity without restraint, while others were more concerned with meeting deadlines and grabbing attention as quickly as possible.

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Some of DC's cover artists fell into the latter category, relying on demeaning characterizations or intense brutality to grab readers' attention. Others produced questionable, or distractingly silly cover art in their efforts to be innovative. These covers range from deeply unsettling to embarrassingly goofy, and all of them have the potential to make today's readers cringe.

Some entries to this list will discuss sexism and racism


10/10 The Flash Gets Bent

With over a thousand issues since the series began in 1939, Action Comics has had a lot of covers, and they can't all be winners. Bob Oskner's cover art for Action Comics #457 is particularly off-putting. Superman is undressing, his hat hung on the foot of the bed, while a child looks back at him, visibly distraught.

If the child's tears aren't enough to make readers cringe, Superman's silence certainly is. Clark Kent has always been known for his quick changes, but this instance makes that habit seem downright creepy. The child in the scene begs to know who the man in their room is, claiming it as their final wish.

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