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10 Most Mature Harry Potter Characters

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  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 05:31 AM

There's no shortage of sensible and sophisticated characters who have a good head on their shoulders in the Harry Potter world.

The Harry Potter characters went through so much from a young age. Evil wizards attacked their school each year, and they lived in perpetual fear until they rose and helped defeat Voldemort and the Death Eaters. This trauma ensured that many Hogwarts students became incredibly mature for their age.

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Additionally, some characters were older and gained wisdom through years of learning and practicing their skills. Ultimately, many characters were incredibly mature, whether due to traumatic experiences that forced them to grow up too quickly, selfless acts to save the world, or years spent becoming better wizards and putting others first.


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Rubeus Hagrid possibly had the biggest heart of any Harry Potter character. He loved every magical creature he came in contact with, even if they were dangerous. He especially loved Harry, Ron, and Hermione, often providing them with a safe place and words of encouragement and wisdom. Notably, he was the only person who could make Hermione feel better after Draco called her a Mudblood.

Hagrid had a tough life after losing his father at a young age and getting expelled for something he didn't do. However, he found joy in helping Harry and even stuck his neck out multiple times without question to keep the kids safe. He did time in Azkaban, almost died at giants' hands, and carried what he thought was Harry's dead body. Yet, despite everything Hagrid went through, he came out on top and was a constant source of comfort and wisdom for the trio.

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