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10 Old Anime Characters That Everyone Still Fears

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  • Posted on 18th Oct, 2022 19:22 PM

These anime characters' terrifying presence and unmatched strength prove age is just a number.

Typically, elders are viewed as founts of wisdom to guide and nurture the next generation. In many stories, they serve roles as mentors and political figures, rather than main protagonists or antagonists.

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However, there are a number of elders in anime so powerful that people throughout their entire universe fear and respect them. Whether able to unleash primordial forces or simply not losing strength with age, these characters have seldom slowed down over their long lives. By identifying them, it becomes easier to appreciate how they are still relevant and what makes them so formidable in battle.


10/10 Big Mom Is An Emperor Of The Sea (One Piece)

Known as the Symbol of Evil itself, My Hero Academia's All For One transcends age. He has stood against every single One For All user, slaughtering them consecutively until finally being delayed by All Might. Although All For One does not age, he is not immune to injury.

He lost most of his face in a previous fight with All Might, breaking his body so unrecognizably that he felt his retirement was inevitable. To this extent, he groomed Shigaraki in order to become his successor much like what All Might does with Midoriya.

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