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10 One Piece Characters Franky Can Defeat

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  • Posted on 11th Oct, 2022 20:22 PM

Franky is more than just the Straw Hat's shipwright; he's a strong pirate that could take many One Piece characters down.

Franky is perhaps the most underrated Straw Hat pirate in One Piece. Despite lacking haki or even a Devil Fruit, he has shown tremendous progress throughout the two-year time skip. By the time of the Onigashima raid, he was even facing down one of Kaido's finest lieutenants.

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As a result, it comes as little surprise that there are many powerful characters he is capable of defeating. Whether using his Iron Pirate suit or charged cannons, Franky's versatile arsenal and resilient nature allow him to fare better against opponents than most other members of his crew.


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Hody Jones takes full advantage of his fish-man physiology when fighting opponents. He prefers to capitalize on Devil Fruit users' inability to swim, especially since his own strength and speed are enhanced underwater.

However, should Franky approach the battle from the safety of the Iron Pirate, he'd be able to engage Hody without ever worrying about his oxygen. Considering that Franky is also a world-class shipwright, he has likely outfitted his suit with the technology it needs in order to get back to land where he is at a much greater advantage.

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