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10 Sequels That Were One Too Many

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  • Posted on 29th Sep, 2022 18:31 PM

These movie sequels should've quit while they were ahead.

Movie sequels often wind up faced with a heavy burden. Audiences usually hold the predecessors in high regard, and it can be a daunting task to make lightning strike twice. While some sequels surprised audiences, many more have provided underwhelming results.

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The announcement of a movie sequel tends to draw significant attention. Some franchises crank up the surprise value by producing further follow-ups. While there are numerous poor sequels, many exist that stand out due to being too much for the franchise. Their quality is frequently subpar and an indication that it's time for the saga to end.


10 The Next Karate Kid Took What Little Charm Was Left Of The Franchise

Tim Burton's first two Batman movies received critical and financial praise. Unfortunately, some complained about them being too dark, thus leading to a more family-friendly sequel with Batman Forever, which retconned the previous movies' history. Nonetheless, it made enough money to warrant a sequel.

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Whereas Batman Forever somewhat tried to have a compelling and engaging tale underneath its kid-friendly nature, Batman and Robin fully reverted to the style of the 1966 TV show. However, where the 60s TV show had a sense of self-awareness to its foolishness, this film plays its campiness in a sincere tone and ended the character in theaters for eight years.

1 Ice Age: Collision Course Was Too Much For The Ice Age Saga

The first Ice Age movie was a respectable kids film with a unique setting and likable characters. While the second movie wasn't on par, it remains satisfactory, but the remaining films only continued to take the franchise downhill.

Despite some stellar animation, Ice Age: Collision Course took a far too cartoony approach for the movie's premise. On top of this problem, the film lacked creativity with its characters. As such, it not only received the lowest score on Rotten Tomatoes of all the Ice Age movies, but also the lowest score for any Blue Sky Studios film.

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