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10 Strong And Silent Anime Characters

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  • Posted on 03rd Oct, 2022 10:31 AM

While some anime characters are loud and bold, others prefer to let their actions speak for them.

One of the best anime tropes is the stoic character who exemplifies the proverb, "still waters run deep." These men and women have few words and show little emotion, but below the surface they feel very deeply and have strong values. They may have moments where they confide in other characters, giving glimpses of their depth of feeling and contemplative nature.

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Quiet characters like to show their true nature through deeds rather than words and are more thoughtful and complex than they at first appear. If and when they do speak freely and show their innermost thoughts and motivations, there's a huge emotional payoff for the audience.


10/10 Sango's Words Are Few And To The Point (InuYasha)

Attack On Titan's Annie Leonhart is an exceptional warrior in hand-to-hand combat as well as a highly adept swordsman. She has the ability to change into a tall, heavily muscled Titan whose form stands out as especially strong even compared to the other Titans.

Annie did not have an easy life growing up and that makes her an introverted, highly introspective person who struggles to interact with others. She's not particularly expressive and takes great care to retain her composure. The times when Annie does lose her cool are catastrophic.

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