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10 Times Love Saved The Day In Sports Anime

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  • Posted on 22nd Sep, 2022 01:31 AM

Though it may not seem like it, there's plenty of love in sports anime, and it's often the key to success.

Anime fans can agree that sports anime isn't just about sports. The sports the characters choose to play are certainly a large part of any series and play into the characters' motivations. However, the most important aspect of any good sports anime is the character's relationships with each other and their internal struggles.

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Discipline and practice are important aspects of any athlete's growth, but when the characters are forced to lay everything on the line, it's their love for their friends and their sport that helps them succeed. Something that would surprise many fans is that sports anime aren't just about winning they're also about healing.


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The heart of the cards is a common joke used by Yu-Gi-Oh! and it stems from the fact that Yugi heavily relies on his friends to win his matches. This is especially true for his first match against Kaiba, which presented him with impossible odds.

It's thanks to his friend's love for him that Yugi is able to keep a cool head during the match. Without his faith in them and himself, he never would have been able to summon all the pieces of Exodia, which helps him defeat Kaiba. Yugi may be the best dualist in the world but it's his friends that truly make him better than everyone else.

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